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Looking for more information about Xofigo? We have a team of Xofigo experts who can help. Request the appropriate assistance by filling out the form below.

Sales Consultant (SC)

Supports physicians in understanding the efficacy and safety of Xofigo, appropriate patients, and available support.

Key Account Executive (KAE)

Identifies referral, treatment, and utilization patterns within the practice, and collaborates with practice members to develop a care-team approach for successful integration of therapy.

Radiotherapy Specialist (RTS)

Supports administering physicians in understanding the dosing and administration of Xofigo.

Clinical Support Specialist (CSS)

Supports nurses as they guide patients through treatment with Xofigo and coordinate patients’ care.

Field Reimbursement Manager (FRM)

Works to reduce or eliminate individual and regional reimbursement barriers; educates prescribers and office staff about coding, billing, and financial assistance programs; and serves as Bayer representative for Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) policy and claims professionals.